Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate

Bring your website at the top of Search Engine Results

Top Features

List of key features in Website Auto Traffic Ultimate

Unlimited Traffic Making

No limits for traffic generation, you can generate any number of traffic. Just put any maximum value!

Light and Fast

Optmized for not to create bottleneck traffic. Your network will not be disrupted in a massive way!

Traffics from Different Geographical Locations

Web page traffics from different parts of the world. You can also manually set locations such USA, UK, China, Australia etc.!

Keywords Based Traffic

You can specify the keywords suitable for your sites to bring traffic from Search Engines

Multiple Sources

Traffic from 8+ most common web browsers (Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome etc) and 7+ devices (Android, iPhone, Mac etc.)

Campaign Traffic

Makes you to create campaigns and generate traffic based on that!

Search Engines & Social Media

Supports page traffic from most common Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.)

24/7 Help & Support

Official help support via email or call and even remote support if you ask!

Other Features

Advanced Switching Options

You can define switching options for web browser, platform, location, session duration etc. to make the traffic exactly as regular user traffic!

Advanced Location Specification

WAT brings proxies automatically if you provide proxy site URL. You can also manually add proxies independently based on any location according to your preference. You no need to worry if the proxy works, WAT will check it automatically!

Free Update

One time purchase and you no need to pay for any support and free updates


You can save your whole settings somewhere in your PC as profiles. You may use import it to run at a different time!

Organic & Direct Traffic

Allows you to define whether the traffic is Organic or Direct traffic to flow!

Google Analytics Support

You can view the live traffic statistics in Google Analytics as well as any other Web Analytics Service

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Free (Demo)


Basic customer support for individual users

  • Direct traffic
  • Unlimited page traffic
  • Single platform
  • Basic switching features
  • Run log and statistics
  • Check & clear WAT connection issues

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Advance customer support for individual users or Enterprise business

  • Direct & Organic traffic
  • Search Engine & Referral Traffic
  • Campaign traffic
  • Geographical location specification
  • Multi source specification
  • Advanced switching
  • Profiles
  • etc.


*First purchase of Ultimate version + $29 for each additional licenses

Common Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is WAT?

Website Auto Traffic Generator (WAT) is a software tool designed to bring your web site popular over the internet. The tool will help you to increase your website’s or blog's visibility in SERPs within short duration. WAT is useful to anyone who is having a website or blog and want to get traffic from globe to make their product or service popular.

I have technical problem, who do I contact?

Most of the issues reported with WAT are stopped working error first time you launch WAT. This can be solved by easily installing supporting files from download page. For all kinds of support (including remote support) and inquiries, it is suggested to start at first by mailing to

How do I trust WAT? Is there any money back guarantee?

You will get complete refund for the product if WAT does not work as mentioned. Since the payment is processed via Paypal, you have the buyer protection from Paypal also!

In which platform WAT is available?

At present WAT is designed to work under Windows platform. All Windows Operating Systems starting from Windows Vista to Windows 10, WAT works in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Is there any traffic limitation or web page limitation?

There is no such limitations has been defined. You can add as much as web pages/sites to WAT and traffic limit as 100, 1000, 10000 or even more!

Is WAT free? Is there any special requirement for installing WAT?

The free (demo) version is free for lifetime without any cost and Ultimate version is free for lifetime by one time purchase. WAT need a supported Operating system as mentioned above and an Internet connection to work.

Getting Started

Download User-Guide for step-by-step usage instructions

Download User-Guide